Dangerous Woman

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Wow, it’s been such a long time since I’ve posted! I’ve been super busy sorry.

Anyway, this is a review of Ariana Grande’s new album, Dangerous Woman! I personally love Ariana Grande as a person and as a singer, she is so talented and gorgeous. She can dance, sing and even act! You probably remember the young red head Ariana Grande playing Cat on Sam and Cat, and Cat on Victorious, and she has made appearances in movies. (Her hair is not naturally red, she had to bleach and re-dye her hair everyday so it could be red for the show!) She wears hair extensions from all the damage to her hair.

 Ariana’s Track List

Moonlight (Album only) {3:22}

Dangerous Woman {3:55}

Be Alright {2:57}

Into You {4:04}

Side To Side (feat. Nicki Minaj) {3:46}

Let Me Love You (feat. Lil Wayne) {3:43}

Greedy {3:34}

Leave Me Lonely (feat. Macy Gray) {3:49}

Everyday (feat. Future) {3:14}

Sometimes {3:46}

I Don’t Care {2:58}

Bad Decisions {3:46}

Touch It {4:20}

Knew Better/Forever Boy {5:00}

Thinking Bout You {3:20}

I’m actually listening to her album while typing this, lol.

The album was originally going to be called Moonlight. Ariana said on Jimmy Kimmel that she may re-name her album because most of the songs don’t suit Moonlight most of her songs are about going from good girl to bad girl on this album. Ariana also thinks Dangerous Woman is more powerful that Moonlight. She announced the name of her album February 22nd, 2016 through Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram.

Focus was a leading song to the album and is not on the album because it is just a single leading to the album, however, it is on the Japanese version of the album as a bonus track.

I hope you enjoyed this write up! And maybe listen to her music! You don’t have to if you don’t want to. Maybe I can turn you into an Arianator, join the dark side. See you in my next post!



Erased {Chapter Four}


I have to stop doing that. I know too many songs…

Now read!

Allison’s POV

“Y- You liar you said I’d see him again…” I softly whimper.

“Sorry Allison, now that you’re gone, for good. You’ve earned your wings. Trey will most likely imagine you.” The voice explains.


“A-Allison, you will see him again. You need to watch over him so that he doesn’t get hurt.” The voice calmly explains.

I look at nothing. I start to light up. The room is red. What do I do? I fall through a quick rapid tunnel of fire right into Trey’s house.

“Hello? Who’s there?” Trey calls.

“Trey?” I question softly about to go around the corner.

I hear Trey pull out a knife from his drawer.

“Trey? I won’t harm you. Do you know who it is?” I question staying in one place.

“Allison” he breathes out.


Sorry it’s so short ugh. But at least it ends on a cliff hanger thingy!


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I’m a Kardashian?

It turns out my dad isn’t who my dad really is. My real biological dad is actually a Kardashian. I have to get my name changed and I have to go live with my cousins Kim, Kylie, Kourtney, Kendall, and Khloe. They are super dramatic, oh boy, can’t wait to meet them (that was sarcasm by the way)

Day One: I walk up to their mansion door in Beverly Hills. It’s all so new. The fame, I’m going to be on a television show. This is a lot.

“Alinna, I never knew your real father was a Kardashian, sorry.” My mom explains.

“It’s fine. I just, kind of will miss our family.” I stammer. The large door opens and they escort me in.

“Hey! Welcome to our beloved home!” Kim introduces. “This is North, mine and Kanye’s daughter!”

“Yeah, it’s all over the internet.” I explain.

“Oh. Come in come in! Now you leave.” Kim says.

“Bye Alinna!” My mom says. A tear falls down my face.

“What’s wrong?” Kylie asks.

“N-nothing. I want my mom back.” I explain.

“Don’t worry you’ll see her in a month!” Kendall answers. I head off to my room hoping that I can call my mom. She doesn’t pick up. I stay in my room for hours until its dinner and then it’s a Christmas Party. Great. I don’t have anything nice to wear. I sit at the table staring at my Tuna tataki. It looks good but gross at the same time. I try it, it’s not bad.

“So welcome to the Kardashians!” Khloe excites.

“Uh thanks” I slur.

“Are you okay hun? I’ll let you have some pop and ice-cream.” Kendall suggests.

“I’m fine.” I stammer.

“You’ll be alright. Please eat.” Kylie calmly says.

We head off into the escalade and the chauffer drives us. Kylie is sitting next to me and we have a conversation.

“Look, I know this is all new for you. You are cool and you’re going to be okay. You just need to take a chill pill. Shake it off. And have fun.” Kylie explains.

“But I want my mom. Not to be famous.” I explain

“Hey, it’s the holidays. The camera men are not around. We let them have a break.” Kylie suggests.

“Okay.” I stammer. We head into the mansion that the party is at and I am stunned. I saw Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande, Jennifer Lopez, and Pitbull! Oh man, I can get used to this. I actually met Ariana Grande and it was amazing. We party until its 3AM and we decide to go back home. I got to know my family and it was awesome.

Morning comes, the beautiful light, I eat breakfast and get ready for the day. Then the phone rings. Kim answers it.

“Hello? Yes this is Kim. What do you mean by mix-up? So she’s not a Kardashian? Oh, thank you sir.” And she hangs up.

“Kim what was that?” I ask.

“They got the wrong person. You’re not a Kardashian.” Kim explains. I almost fainted because all of that was for nothing. It felt like 5 seconds before my mom was there. I left and was so happy that no one ever found out about this. Sorry Ariana. I’m not a Kardashian.

I hope you enjoyed this story. No this story did not happen in reality.


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I Woke Up Being a Dance Moms Star?!

The whole day started with that crazy screaming of my mom

“Alinna! Wake up! You have dance in an hour!” My mom shouts from the kitchen.

“Mom, nice try, It’s Monday I have school today! Dance is later!” I shout from my door, I head downstairs to the smell of warm sizzling bacon.

“Actually, I got an email. We have to go to the airport because, your on Dance Moms. No more school or VDC.” My mom explains.

I just stand in shock, I have to now leave everything, my friends, my dance studio, everything.

“Are you okay? I know this will be tough but you’ll be okay!” My mom explains, I know she’s trying to keep me calm.

I’m freaking out. My heart is in my stomach and I don’t feel good.

“You have no time to eat we have to leave our flight is in 10 minutes.” My mom explains. All I manage to get out is,

“What about Comox?”

“Honey, don’t worry, we’re going to LA!” My mom answers. We get into the car, I even have to leave my family behind. We keep driving and we manage to get on the flight. I wish we never did get an email or we didn’t make it in time. I find my seat and I sit there just staring out the window. I just think of all the good times I’ve ever had here.

“Are you excited? You love Dance Moms and now you’re on the show!” My mom shout-whispers.

“I am just gonna miss all my friends.” I whisper.

“But now you’ll be friends with the dance Moms stars! Like Maddie, Mackenzie, Kalani, Nia, Kendall and Chloe!” My mom explains.

“Chloe left. There’s now a girl named Jojo.” I state. I am irritated, tired and upset. Why would Abby choose me out of all the girls in the world? She’s never even see me dance before!

We arrive in LA. All I see is Palm tree’s, a huge airport and people with tans. I see Abby and the girls waiting for me. They have a huge “Welcome to the ALDC LA” banner. I feel happy but upset at the same time. I walk over and I get a speech from Abby. The girls introduce themselves and I am beyond excited.

“Hi I’m Maddie and this is Kendall, Mackenzie, Jojo, Nia and Kalani.” Maddie explains.

“Um hi, I’m Alinna and I can’t believe I was chosen for the ALDC. Kind of bizarre because you guys have never seen me dance before.” I stutter.

“Actually I saw you at Shine Dance Competition. You are amazing at dancing. Your solo was fabulous. Who choreographed it?” Abby asks.

“Brianna. The owner of the company’s daughter.” I explain.

“I heard Brianna is the best dancer at the studio.” Maddie whispers to Kalani. All the sudden it goes silent.

“Let’s go girls we have a competition in three days!” Abby screeches. I’ve seen the show plenty of times and I know Abby yells a lot. I better get used to it.

At the studio we rehearse our group dance “What We Used to Be” I am given the lead and given a solo called “It’s Me” Our group dance is Lyrical and my solo is Jazz.

As we are rehearsing, I feel a lot of pressure on me. It’s my first time here I start to slack off a little bit so Miss Abby makes me do 30 a la seconde turns. I do them. I get to 35 and I fall out. I should of just done 30 perfectly and landed it. She says she’s going to give me 35 a la seconde turns but I have to land it or the whole dance is ruined. I want to just go back home.

As we finish the group dance, Maddie says we should all have a girl party tonight. I thought it would be so awesome to spend time with the girls. I start to go do my solo and Maddie comes in, she has a solo as well.

“You’re really good.” Maddie says.

“Thanks Maddie.” I say.

“But your not as good as me.” She finishes. ” You are a threat. If you beat me. Miss Abby will kick me off the team and then it will be everyone else, and if you beat me that means your unbeatable. If you show up to the competition. I’m gonna make sure you’re not dancing. Go back home to your little tent in the woods.” Maddie hisses.

“Maddie, I just want to dance at a huge competition for once.” I stutter.

“To bad.” Maddie hisses and walks out.

I ask, “So I’m not invited to girls night?”

Giana the choreographer walks in and asks, “Everything okay?” I answer, “Yeah everything is fine.”

At the competition, I am third in the jazz solo category. Maddie has a really boring Contemporary solo so I think I will beat her.

I have a metallic skirt and a red sparkly top. Abby likes stomachs showing and I’m glad I’m skinny so my stomach doesn’t poke out. Maddie is practicing because she is up in the contemporary category. She walks over to me, I am slightly scared what she is going to do.

“Hi Alinna, sorry for how I acted I am just kind of jealous of you and I really wanted to scare you so I could win. I’m not good at Jazz but you are. I wish I was you.” Maddie explains

“Thanks Maddie” I answer and we hug.

A girl threw up on stage and now they have to clean it up so Maddie has a little bit more time to practice. Maddie does her solo and then the contemporary category finishes, It’s now the Jazz category. The other dancers finish. I go on, give it all I can.

I think “Remember start on the ground in a sassy pose. When music starts go onto knees and aerial out of it, kick as high as I can, do three backhand springs and finish in the splits. Do a side jete, 25 a la seconde turns and just keep going. If forget, make it up.”

My music starts and I just dance my heart out. I think that has been the best time I have ever danced. The lights go out and I have to go get changed for our group dance.

In the change room Abby yells at me that my aerial didn’t have straight legs. Maddie says I did. I stare at Maddie in shock. I can’t believe she is sticking up for me.

Because Maddie stuck up for me, Abby pulls her out of the group dance because she stuck up for me. I finished my make up and it was almost time to go on. I think we nailed the dance, and Abby was very proud of us. I even landed my 35 a la seconde turns. I was so happy with myself.

“Alinna. Your kicks weren’t high enough!” Abby screams.

“S-sorry Abby.” I shutter.

“But I think you will win so I will keep you.” They announce it is awards and we go out.

“Alright, in third place we have Maddie with “Only a Dream”. Second place Lilian with “Forever in my Mind”, and first place Alinna with “It’s Me!”

I walk up and grab the trophy. I wave and I am smiling.

“Groups. Third CADC with “Anchor”, second MLDA with “Under the Bed” and first ALDC with “What we used to be”.

I all the sudden smell bacon then everything went black. I wake up and realize it was all a dream. I am so happy that never happened, but I was happy to meet Maddie and all the other girls. I go downstairs.

“I just had the craziest dream.”

“That’s  nice, I just got an email…”


Thank you all for reading, this was really fun to write and I will see you in my next post!


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Is Bacon The Best Food Ever?

Is bacon the best food ever? Bacon is the best food in the universe, I can prove it if you don’t beleive me. If you have never had it that’s okay! You need to try it some time though.

Bacon is like a taste of heaven. I’m in love with it. My brother jokes that we are going to marry bacon one day. Bacon is perfect. When you hear it sizzle it’s like hearing God saying your name. It is that amazing. The warmth of it just makes me feel safe and no longer cold! Bacon is something that everyone should have for a snack or breakfast or with anything. Bacon is something I can have with lots of things, salad, pizza, wraps, sandwiches and even on top of another meat. I may sound crazy with the last one but it is amazing!

Fun Facts about Bacon!

1. Bacon comes from a pig. Pigs are amazing animals and I almost went vegetarian when I found out we were eating animals but I realized we need protein and a bunch of other nutrition in meat.

2. Bacon is eaten normally when it’s smoked, boiled, fried, baked, grilled, eaten on its own and as a side dish

3. There is 3.3 grams of fat per strip of Bacon when the strip is fried.

4. Bacon and eggs are eaten together 71% of the time.

5. A 250 lb pig contains 23 lbs of bacon.

Bacon is super popular in Canada and tastes amazing with maple syrup (Another amazing Canadian food.) Bacon is such a good food and everyone should have the chance to have bacon.

Have you ever had bacon? Answer in the comment section!

Thanks everyone and have a good day!

These are websites I used to help me with a few of my facts:  25 Facts About Bacon Bacon