Hey guys!

I’m gonna go into a touchy subject today, and it’s about thoughts and how much they hurt you. It’s just a little writing I did to help you guys know you’re not the only one going through this and you are perfect, and amazing, and beautiful in your own way. Okay – here we go


What are they?

The thoughts in your head that control if you’re happy, sad, excited, anxious etc.

What do they do?

They control you, take you over, make you happy, can bring you down, make you feel bad

People make me have horrible feelings. Like someone that used to be my bestfriend has now left me and cyberbullies me, what is the purpose of it? Why did I think we were friends?

My emotions may change so quickly, one second I’m happy and laughing, the next I want to burst into tears.

Why do people think it’s okay to hurt people?

I don’t even know, what is the purpose of it?

Why do they do it? 

No one really knows why. They could be jealous of you, they could be insecure, maybe they just don’t have a good family life and that’s how they’ve learned to treat people.

How do you explain your feelings when people hurt you? 

They are like the monsters that used to hide under the bed are now inside of us, slowly taking us down.

Why should you let such a little thing get to you? 

I don’t know

I walk in the halls hearing these words being said about me

“spoiled brat”

“ugly rat” 

“why is she still alive?” 

“You can go to hell” 

“You’re faking having chron’s”

“omg she’s so weird”

“I can’t believe I was her friend”  

Do I let these get to me?

In the moment yes. But I grow from it I become stronger, and all you gotta do is just keep swimming.

Cause life will get better I promise you that.

I’ve been dealing with bullying from students and sometimes adults for the last 6 years. You just have to realize the people that mind don’t matter and the people that matter don’t mind ~ Dr Suess

Stay alive for me. Don’t let them hurt you because YOU ARE WORTH IT!

It may not seem like it but your brain tells you what it’s told by your thoughts.

You ARE beautiful, strong, kind, lovely, amazing and powerful.

You are you, don’t let anyone change that


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