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Hello everyone!

Today I’m writing about blogs that are worth reading, you need to make sure that your blog is worth reading or you may not get very many visitors looking at your blog. You should be up to date, post every week or so that your fans know that your alive. Anyways, here are my top 3 favorite blogs!

1. Chloe’s Blog  She is a lot like me. She dances. Likes ballet, performs, and thinks robots are creepy also. I searched up dance on the blogging challenge and found her blog. It caught my eye the moment I saw a picture of a dancer and I just had to read it.

Here is my comment:

I dance too! I definitely think dance is a sport because you sometimes need a team in order to dance. I do 12 dances and 10 of them are with my team that I have been dancing with since I was a little girl. I am 12 and already in mostly senior classes. I have a Jazz solo and a Lyrical trio. I agree, sometimes it is nice to dance alone and even it lets out anger. Put on an emotional song and dance your heart out.
How long have you been dancing for?

Sincerely Alinna.

2. Liv’s Blog her blog is defiantly worth reading because she’s so up to date. She posts regularly and definitely loves blogging. She posts awesome recipes, poems, quotes and funny content.

Here is my comment:

Hi Liv!
I absolutely love music too. If music didn’t exist, then I wouldn’t dance. And if I didn’t dance my soul would of left my body. I remember when we were once hanging out and jamming to songs, do you remember that? It was super fun. I think you already know that I love 1D. I also really love your blog. Your really up to date and post quite a bit. You are a very good writer and I am excited to see more of your posts later to come.
Sincerely Alinna.

3. Laila’s Blog We are very much in common and she absolutely loves dance too! I am very happy to know that there is someone who posts almost every day and shares the same interests as me! if you like my blog, you will like hers!

Here is my comment:

Dear Laila,
I absolutely love your blog! Your very up to date and we are very much in common! I am excited to see more of yours posts to come. Yes blogging is very fun and you definitely have a really great one!
Sincerely, Alinna

Those are my top 3 favorite blogs and I am super excited to be posting more during the year! Goodbye everyone!



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