Hey guys!

I’m gonna go into a touchy subject today, and it’s about thoughts and how much they hurt you. It’s just a little writing I did to help you guys know you’re not the only one going through this and you are perfect, and amazing, and beautiful in your own way. Okay – here we go


What are they?

The thoughts in your head that control if you’re happy, sad, excited, anxious etc.

What do they do?

They control you, take you over, make you happy, can bring you down, make you feel bad

People make me have horrible feelings. Like someone that used to be my bestfriend has now left me and cyberbullies me, what is the purpose of it? Why did I think we were friends?

My emotions may change so quickly, one second I’m happy and laughing, the next I want to burst into tears.

Why do people think it’s okay to hurt people?

I don’t even know, what is the purpose of it?

Why do they do it? 

No one really knows why. They could be jealous of you, they could be insecure, maybe they just don’t have a good family life and that’s how they’ve learned to treat people.

How do you explain your feelings when people hurt you? 

They are like the monsters that used to hide under the bed are now inside of us, slowly taking us down.

Why should you let such a little thing get to you? 

I don’t know

I walk in the halls hearing these words being said about me

“spoiled brat”

“ugly rat” 

“why is she still alive?” 

“You can go to hell” 

“You’re faking having chron’s”

“omg she’s so weird”

“I can’t believe I was her friend”  

Do I let these get to me?

In the moment yes. But I grow from it I become stronger, and all you gotta do is just keep swimming.

Cause life will get better I promise you that.

I’ve been dealing with bullying from students and sometimes adults for the last 6 years. You just have to realize the people that mind don’t matter and the people that matter don’t mind ~ Dr Suess

Stay alive for me. Don’t let them hurt you because YOU ARE WORTH IT!

It may not seem like it but your brain tells you what it’s told by your thoughts.

You ARE beautiful, strong, kind, lovely, amazing and powerful.

You are you, don’t let anyone change that


It Wasn’t The End!

Guess who’s back?

Back again…

It’s me Alinna and I have decided to actually continue writing on my blog!

I am now in high school and it is really, really fun.

I thought I would just write about personal experiences, what’s going on in my life (there’s a lot!) and how to help people with problems.

Catch up with what’s happened in my life!

  • I have started high school and have met such amazing people. Some of my best friends. I have been able to learn incredible things and learn how to deal with different learning techniques.
  • I reunited with my best friend since birth and now we visit each other almost every month! I can’t live without her.
  • I’m going to Ariana Grande March 24th of 2017
  • I realized Social Media is incredibly dumb but I still use it
  • I have seen my new favorite movie Suicide Squad and I am now insanely in love with the character Harley Quinn
  • I dyed my hair, stopped wearing eyeliner (winged or not) and got a nose piercing
  • I had a huge injury with my knee and wasn’t supposed to dance but I still dance anyway and I moved dance studios and I am very happy! I dance with an amazing and lovely dance family! I now dance at Triple Heat Dance
  • I started to become in love with photography
  • I kinda am obsessed with memes

And much more you’ll find out in future posts!

Hope to write again soon!



The End.

Hello world!

Well as you may know by now, it is the end of the year for our school here in Canada. I will no longer be posting. I have lost interest in Blogging and have started to have interests in other things. I have not posted in a long time because I pretty much forgot about it. I will next year be going to High School and I don’t have enough time to keep posting.

I had a very fun year for my last year of Elementary School. I hope you have fun with next years class! So long fairwell!


Emotional BaggageCreative Commons License scottnj via Compfight

The end.

Dangerous Woman

Hello everyone!

Wow, it’s been such a long time since I’ve posted! I’ve been super busy sorry.

Anyway, this is a review of Ariana Grande’s new album, Dangerous Woman! I personally love Ariana Grande as a person and as a singer, she is so talented and gorgeous. She can dance, sing and even act! You probably remember the young red head Ariana Grande playing Cat on Sam and Cat, and Cat on Victorious, and she has made appearances in movies. (Her hair is not naturally red, she had to bleach and re-dye her hair everyday so it could be red for the show!) She wears hair extensions from all the damage to her hair.

 Ariana’s Track List

Moonlight (Album only) {3:22}

Dangerous Woman {3:55}

Be Alright {2:57}

Into You {4:04}

Side To Side (feat. Nicki Minaj) {3:46}

Let Me Love You (feat. Lil Wayne) {3:43}

Greedy {3:34}

Leave Me Lonely (feat. Macy Gray) {3:49}

Everyday (feat. Future) {3:14}

Sometimes {3:46}

I Don’t Care {2:58}

Bad Decisions {3:46}

Touch It {4:20}

Knew Better/Forever Boy {5:00}

Thinking Bout You {3:20}

I’m actually listening to her album while typing this, lol.

The album was originally going to be called Moonlight. Ariana said on Jimmy Kimmel that she may re-name her album because most of the songs don’t suit Moonlight most of her songs are about going from good girl to bad girl on this album. Ariana also thinks Dangerous Woman is more powerful that Moonlight. She announced the name of her album February 22nd, 2016 through Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram.

Focus was a leading song to the album and is not on the album because it is just a single leading to the album, however, it is on the Japanese version of the album as a bonus track.

I hope you enjoyed this write up! And maybe listen to her music! You don’t have to if you don’t want to. Maybe I can turn you into an Arianator, join the dark side. See you in my next post!



Erased {Chapter Four}


I have to stop doing that. I know too many songs…

Now read!

Allison’s POV

“Y- You liar you said I’d see him again…” I softly whimper.

“Sorry Allison, now that you’re gone, for good. You’ve earned your wings. Trey will most likely imagine you.” The voice explains.


“A-Allison, you will see him again. You need to watch over him so that he doesn’t get hurt.” The voice calmly explains.

I look at nothing. I start to light up. The room is red. What do I do? I fall through a quick rapid tunnel of fire right into Trey’s house.

“Hello? Who’s there?” Trey calls.

“Trey?” I question softly about to go around the corner.

I hear Trey pull out a knife from his drawer.

“Trey? I won’t harm you. Do you know who it is?” I question staying in one place.

“Allison” he breathes out.


Sorry it’s so short ugh. But at least it ends on a cliff hanger thingy!


Edited by: Liv

Shine Dance Festival

Hello everyone!

Today I am writing about my latest dance competition. It’s Shine Dance festival. I attended in Vancouver BC at the Centennial Theatre. It was a really fun experience for everyone who attended. All the placements are Platinum, (highest) Gold, (second highest) Silver, (third highest) and Bronze (fourth highest.) I did not get any platinum awards. Competition was very tough out on the mainland, but it was still an exciting and fun experience. You can’t always win the highest. I won 1 gold medal for my lyrical number, I won 5 Silver for my jazz group, contemporary trio, my jazz solo. Turns out I was 0.1 point away from a gold, modern stage, and my ballet group.


Our team did really good I think. There were some common technical and timing errors but other than that, we did very good. My dance coach Amanda was so proud of us. My solo teacher Brianna was jumping up and down and ran towards me after I got off stage for my solo. She gave me a huge hug and it made me lighten up. Whenever I was about to go on stage I felt like I was about to throw up. Just nerves. When I got off stage, I felt really sick and felt like I was actually going to throw up. My coach gave me a Tums and that helped a little bit.


At awards, they don’t just go straight to awards. They played games and we had to perform or dance weirdly or lipsync to songs. It was really fun. One of the games I got to participate in was a scavenger hunt. My team (team Felicia)  had to find a shoelace, a band aid, a hat, and some other wacky stuff. One of the games I got to see was teach the dads how to dance. Three dads came on stage and they all got a song that they chose from the basket and had to create a combo to it. Overall it was so fun and I had a great experience 🙂








Erased {Chapter Three}

I’m like hey wassup hello!

Why do I keep doing that? Anyways, what do you think Allison actually is? Comment down below! Here we go! 


Trey’s POV

“A-Allison?” I question looking at her pale white face. Her eyes are shut and I don’t know what to do. Slowly, she fades away.

“Allison? No no no!” I whine. I can’t have her leave me. I will feel lost without her.

“Goodbye Trey…” She whispers as she fades. All I see left is her smile and she dissapears.


“Allison? Please no you can’t leave me!” I cry as I look towards the sky. “Why did you do this god, why?” I scream towards the sky. It all the sudden started to pour down rain.


Memories of us played in my head. Memories of when we were 5 to now. I felt sick and weird. I decided to call my mom and tell her I am having a sick day.


“Mom, I really don’t feel well.” I explain


“Alright. I’ll call the school and tell them you are heading home. Hopefully you aren’t sick sick.” My mom answers. I think I am sick. I think I am disgnosed with missing-allison-itis.


I drive home and lay down. I turn on my television and all I see is friendship shows. I try to avoid them but it never works. I stared at my ceiling. My white ceiling. Smiling because Allison is up in heaven right now playing with angels.

Allison’s POV

“Hello?” I shout. Everything is white.


“Hello Allison, you have gained your wings. What you wanted.” A voice explains.


“All I want is Trey.” I yell as a tear falls down my cheek.


“Don’t worry. The person you will be guarding is Trey. You will be able to spend every second with him.” The voice explains again.


“When do I start?” I shreik excididly


“You start…. Now.” As I fall through the colourful tunnel I smile. Excited to see Trey again. I land right in his house.


“Trey! How are you?” I ask him. He is staring at the ceiling. “Trey? Are you alive?” I ask again.


He turns around stares right at me and walks over to me. He walks right past me into the kitchen.


“Dad’s Cookies. Those were her favourite.” He smiled. I smiled as another tear falls down my cheek. Right. Guardian angels are never seen by their assignments.


He’s never going to see me again.


Now, I am truly erased.


Thanks for reading!


Edited By: Liv, Chantal and Kalea



Erased {Chapter Two}


It’s me.

Just kidding. I hope you enjoy this next chapter. Comment down below if you like Allison or Trey more and why! Lets get to it!

Allison’s POV

Another tear falls down my cheek onto my lap. My jeans now had a wet dot that showed my feelings. Trey looks at me and I look back at him.
“Everything is going to be okay” He whispers and smiles. I look away again, and just in time. The bell rings. I opened my books and started. I kept looking at him every now and then but he would always catch me.

As soon as the bell rang I left. My books were probably not even real so I just left. Classes keep going by and time kept getting slower and slower. I wanted to leave. And never come back. Maybe I can, since no one notices me. But Trey, how would he feel? He would feel awful and confused and probably come to find me. I just shouldn’t.

As soon as the bell for lunch rang, I just walked straight to the cafeteria, and walked to a table of preps to see if they notice. Sure enough, they didn’t. They kept talking about boys and their Instagram feeds. I walk over to a table of jocks and sit down. They don’t even look. I tap one of their shoulders and they kept talking. I felt sick to my stomach and I just vanished.

Trey’s POV

Allison’s missing. 

That is the first thing that came to my head after I searched the cafeteria. I asked some girls to check the bathroom and they said nothing. I waited till no one was in the bathroom and searched looking at all stalls to find her black vans with blue laces and white socks. Sadly, there was nothing. I was confused and decided to go out for lunch when really, I was going to Allison’s house to find her. I sign out and told the secretary I was going for lunch. I hop into my car and drive as fast as I can to make sure she doesn’t hurt herself before I get there. I eventually find her and she is not even close to home. She was trying to leave the town. I drive up next to her and stop. She turns her head around looks at the car then keeps walking. She must of not known it was me. I get out of the car and ask her

“Where you going Allison?”

She quickly turns around, her eyes as wide as the earth.

“Why aren’t you at school?” She asked with concern on her face.

“I had to make sure you were okay.” I explain. She just looks at me, almost looking like she just gives up. She walked towards me then went onto the road and just stood there. There was a car coming and I had to think fast. She wasn’t hesitating. She just stood there with her eyes closed. I quickly jump out onto the raod and grab her. Just in time the car stops.

“Kid are you okay?” The lady asks.

“Yeah,” I explain looking at Allison then the lady.

“Please don’t jump out in front of cars.” She explains. She rolls up her window and drives off. Allison’s eyes are closed and she is as pale as a vampire.


Me And My Shadow

Shadows. Lurking behind you. You hear a noise then you stop. As soon as you turn around, it jumps at you. It is your shadow. You are running like a frightened bunny but your shadow gets you an-

I’m just kidding. This is an art post not a freaky post.

Hello everyone! For the past few days, we have been working on art! Shadow art. Most people by now should know what they want to be when they grow up. For me, I would want to be a dancer. Of course, I did a dancer pose and the shadow is just the same thing but with professional looks such as Pointe Shoes, tutu, and more of the dancer look. I chose to do one of the most popular poses that dancers do. Fifth position en demi pointe, but the shadow is en pointe. I decided to do a stage as the background because I love to perform, I also perform at least on 4 different stages a year.

These are the steps that I had to do.

  1. You take a picture of your choice pose. Save to computer, then print and cut yourself out.
  2. Draw a straight line for the background and floor.
  3. Find out where you want to be, then glue yourself down.
  4. Draw the shadow where you want it to be.
  5. Draw the lines that connect to your shadow to show that it is a shadow and not a background.
  6. Then you draw your background what you want it to be.
  7. Make sure they are all the same value in colour and that it looks like a shadow!

There is a few things I like about my post but I didn’t exactly do a lot of stuff, but that is okay because it still looks good. I really liked how my picture and my shadow are the same. I just thought it look nice and neat. Very simple. I also liked how I did a stage background because like I said, I love performing and I love the stage. I like how it is something that you can actually be instead of something like a videogame character. I still love the idea and the creativity but it shows that it is real.

Shadow Artpost for Blog

Here is my edited photo.

Shadow Artpost for Blog 1

Let’s wrap this up. So is there anything specific you liked about my artwork? If so you can comment down below. Do you think there is anything I can do better next time? Please be specific about what, do you like how I did a stage or should I have done something even more simple? Do you think I should have done something else instead of a ballerina? Why do you think I should have done that? And last, what would your shadow be if you did this art activity? Remember, everything you do is a masterpiece.


Edited by: Morgan

Erased {Chapter One}

Hi guys! I am writing a book! OH MY GOSH! I would never expect me writing a book. I write scripts all the time and stories but I didn’t think I would write this on my blog. Should I turn this into an LPS series on my YouTube Channel? If so, comment down below, here we go! Youtube:

By the way: I might switch POV’s around. Some chapters will be Allison’s side and maybe another will be Trey’s. It will keep switching around.

Allisons POV

Again, I have to go to High School. Another day when I am erased. I actually get ready my self, my mom never talks to me, or looks at me. She always cries when she comes into my room. I never know why.

I keep going down into a black pit. I walk everywhere myself because my mom is never awake when I am. I normally don’t see her until 6:00 or 7:00 PM. I never know where she is. I don’t know if she has a job because she doesn’t talk to me.

I walk. Each step is a crack of the ice beneath my feet. Or maybe that is the person’s behind my feet. I breathe and no frost comes out. I am just wanting to cry and leave. If only I could fly.

I arrive at the doors of the school grounds. I look inside and there is Trey smiling at me. I smile back but I don’t mean the smile. He knows the difference between my fake smile, and my real smile.

“Rough morning?” Trey asks.

“You think? I always have a rough morning. My mom practically doesn’t even know I exist.” I answer not making eye contact with him. I wish he would know what I felt like.

“Sorry, I was wondering if you were okay, grumpy.” He finishes walking towards Math. I don’t even look at him. I just walk through the door. I always sit beside Trey because he is the only one here who can see me.

“Hey Trey! I forgot to do the homework. Mind if I sit beside you and copy you?” Carter asks. Carter is Trey’s friend. They are both on the football team.

“Sorry man, seat’s taken by Allison.” Trey explains.

“Dude, you always say that but she never comes. Remember after she got cancer she never came back because she died?” Carter states. I look up at him. I want to punch him in the face but I decide not to.

“Then how come she is right here?” Trey asks pointing towards the seat that I am sitting in.

“She’s not there dude. I think you’re going insane.” Carter sighs in annoyance, walking towards another one of his friends Ashton. Carter rolls his eyes in frustration as Trey’s face turns beet red in anger.

“I want to punch him in the face right now.” I state while getting my stuff organized.

“So do I. Listen, you are not invisible. It is probably some dumb senior prank.” Trey tries to explain.

“I sure hope so.” I finish while looking out the window as a tear falls down my cheek. And lands on Trey’s hand. He looks at me and grabs my hand as I still hold my eyes on the trees. He kisses my hand softly to let me know it will be okay.